General Information: Uncover England was first designed in 2010 as a Search Directory site aimed at travellers to England who want to find out what companies are listed. This page will develop as new questions arrise, so bear with us.

Site/Link Submission: To submit your page you need to click on the "Submit Site" which is situated at the bottom right of each category. Then, choose if you want Free or Paid Submission (Paid submission is recommended as your listings will be higher on the page and your site will be reviewed within 24/48 hours.). After you have entered your information, you will then receive an email confirming whether your site has been listed or not. That's it!

I was accepted, but how do I change my listing? You can change your listing by clicking on the detailed information on your link then select "Modify Listing". Then enter your password. You may change all your details and even upload a graphic which should be 200x150 pixels and in JPEG format.

If you can't remember your password, email us and we will send you one.

Why was I rejected, boo hoo? Cheer up! It was probably to do with your listing not being entered into the relevant gallery or was not based in England. You should receive an explaination why, in your rejection email.

Note: Paid listings which are rejected will get a full refund (minus Paypal charges).

Can I advertise on the site and what benefits do I get? We are a growing site (see Alexa Chart) and further information can be found on our Adverts Page.

Why use Paypal? PayPal is an efficient way to send a payment for your Uncoverengland listings. PayPal is far less time-consuming than going to the ATM or writing and posting paper cheques. And unlike cheques, which can take days to clear, most PayPal transactions clear instantly. It's always free to send money, you receive your items faster and it's secure and private. Use can use Paypal all over the world.

Can I pay not using Paypal? At the moment, no. However we will be able to receive cheques (USD/GBP/HKD) at a later date. If you would like to pay using another for of payment, you can always email us in advance.

Ok, I paid now what? You should receive an acceptance/rejection email to confirm your site/link is live online. Please note, some email accounts like Yahoo, GMail and Hotmail may consider our emails' as spam so check your Junk Folders in case.

General Tips:
Do not add non-related keywords/descriptions as we check all sites.
England listings only.
You should never give your registered Uncoverengland password to anyone.
All submitted email addresses and emails sent to Uncoverengland and Describle are confidental and treated as such. We will not send you SPAM or any newsletter type emails.

The site uses robots to routinely check submitted sites and remove those which are offline and cookies to save temporary user data.