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You tell the search service what you're looking for by typing in keywords or phrases into the search box. The search service responds by giving you a list of all the Web pages in our index relating to those topics. The most relevant content and Priority Listings will appear at the top of your results. Use quotation marks (" ") or add (+) symbols to obtain an advanced search.

As well as the ability to search, Uncover England also has many hidden features such as:

  • Spell Checker

Uncover England's spell checking software checks your query and checks to see if you are using the most common version of a word's spelling. If it finds other more relevant search words, it will ask "Did you mean: (more common spelling)?". Clicking on the suggested spelling will launch a search for that term.

  • Calculator

To use Uncover England's built-in calculator function, simply enter your calculation into the search box and hit the Enter key or click on the Search button. The calculator can solve math problems involving basic arithmetic to more complicated mathmatics, such as:

  • Numbers: 0-9 including decimal points. (Example: 0, 5.5, 1234.9987)
  • Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division: + - * / (Example: 5+5, 10*10)
  • Alternative characters for multiplication: x X (Example: 5x5)
  • Modulus operator: % This gives the "remainder" of division. (Example: 11/2 would give 1)
  • Parenthesis: For changing precedence. (Example: 5*(1+1) gives: 10)
  • Definitions

To see a definition for a word or phrase on Uncover England, simply type the word "define," then a space, and then the word(s) you want defined. You can also get a list of definitions by including the term "define:" with or without a space between the term you want defined.

  • Weather

To see the current weather conditions for any city and a five day forecast, type the word "weather" followed by a space and then the location. All weather data and images are provided by

  • Names

To see the meaning of a person's name, type the word "name" followed by a space and then the actual name.

  • Conversion of Units

To convert one unit to another, type the word "convert" followed by a space and then the conversion value, then the conversion type, then "to" and the next conversion value and type.

  • Temperatures: Celsius and fahrenheit
  • Measurements: Centimetres, inches, metres, feet, kilometres and miles
  • Weights and Volumes: Kilograms, pounds, millilitres and ounces

We welcome your feedback at or view our FAQ page for further information.